Why Choose a Set of Lightweight Wheels Over Standard Cast Iron Rims?

With the easy availability of aftermarket parts, modifying your vehicle is much easier than it used to be half a decade ago. The trend has caught on even quicker thanks to Hollywood shifting its focus to the automotive scene with films such as the Fast and the Furious franchise, Need for Speed, Redline, etc. gaining attention from the crowds.

When it comes to performance upgrades, people usually focus on the engine, transmission and the suspension. However, what they fail to realize is that all these upgrades are useless if the power cannot be transferred to the asphalt underneath, and this can be done only via the wheels and tyres.

Benefits of Lightweight Wheels:

People tend to ignore the advantage that two pairs of lightweight wheels can have on your vehicle’s overall performance. The general notion suggests that saving 10 pounds per wheel is not much, considering the high sticker price per wheel.

However, in reality taking off 10 pounds per wheel feels like magic on the road. Not only does the vehicle seem easy to control around sharp corners, the overall balance improves. Magnesium wheels are lighter than aluminium wheels, although, magnesium is not the metal of choice any more due to its highly combustive nature.

Carbon fiber wheels are in demand at the moment while aluminium wheels continue to hold their number one position in terms of popularity and demand.

The benefits of using lighter wheels can be felt right off the line as acceleration, braking and cornering stability are improved quite a bit. As a result, even though a pair of lightweight wheels can burn a hole in your wallet, it is an absolute necessity if you plan on taking your vehicle to the track on track days!

Buying a Set of Custom Wheels for Your Ride:

Custom wheels are of massive importance in this regard, since you can modify these wheels according to your specifications. The customization options include size, weight, style and material used,etc.

While most people believe in keeping things simple, others love to flaunt their ride. This is where you need the additional bling. A well-polished set of wheels can add the necessary oomph to your ride!

You can opt for local manufacturers while choosing a pair of new rims for your ride, or could place an order with reputed wheel manufacturers, even though the prices are likely to be higher. You need to decide what you want and plan accordingly, since it would be foolish to invest first and think later.

Forged Wheels vs. Cast Wheels:

Forged wheels are the ultimate form of lightweight wheels and reputed manufacturers sell forged alloy wheels for the best results. Hence, choosing a set of wheels should be a fairly easy task with all the available options at your disposal.

However, keep in mind that lightweight wheels are more prone to getting damaged. Hence, make it a point to check the wheels for cracks or indents periodically. Also, try not to go off-road with these rims, since they are meant for travelling at high speeds and not tackling high-speed bumps.